New study finds Iowa has 'best drivers' in country

New study finds Iowa has 'best drivers' in country

A new study says Iowans are the best drivers in the country.

"They are? I would not believe that," said a woman getting into her car in Omaha. compiled data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

The list actually ranks the worst drivers in America by state.

Iowa rounds out the list at #51, meaning according to the study, it's ranked best.

Montana is ranked the worst at #1.

Nebraska is #39 on the list.

The ranking is based on a combination of factors:

  • Crash deaths
  • Drivers obeying the law
  • Careless and drunk driving
  • Speeding

Pat Venditte owns Cornhusker Driving School.

He says Iowa requires rigorous training before a person can get a license.

"It creates a mindset that I believe makes them much better drivers," said Venditte.

He says Iowa's red light cameras, and now much stricter distracted driving laws and fines help put Iowans on top too.

"I think they're more apt to stay in-line and respect the laws on the roadway," he said.

A man at a gas station in Council Bluffs said, "Obviously I think Iowa drivers are a lot better than Nebraska drivers."

Some people say they've seen the difference.

"People not using their turn signals a whole lot especially when changing lanes," said a man just getting out of his car to go to the gym in Omaha.

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