New Study: Half of teen drivers in Nebraska text and drive

    New Study: Half of teen drivers in Nebraska text and drive

    High schooler Ben Watts is in driving school and says he has a good handle on the dangers of texting and driving.

    "The text can wait," he said, "because you can look at it when you get home."

    But according to a new study done by the CDC, it turns out about up to 53% of teenaged drivers in Nebraska admit they text behind the wheel.

    Nationally it's 41%.

    Cornhusker Driving School instructor Anna Venditte says it could be because of the law.

    "It's a secondary offense," she said. "They know they can't get pulled over if they're on their phone."

    And she says because of this, the people the teens look up to are probably texting too.

    "You see your parents, you see your friends texting.."

    FOX42 News created a quick survey for the students to take.

    One of the questions:

    "Have you ever been in a car with someone who was texting behind the wheel?"

    Eight students filled out the survey and all eight answered yes.

    Seven out of eight said they've seen their parents text and drive.

    Watts says he knows better than that.

    "Even when my parents are driving," he said. "I tell them,to let me text for you so we don't get into a wreck."

    Link to the full study:

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