Nikko Jenkins faces death penalty; Nebraska doesn't have the drugs to it

Nikko Jenkins faces death penalty; Nebraska doesn't have the drugs to it

OMAHA,NE (FOX42KPTM) - A day after Nikko Jenkins was sentenced to death for killing four people in 2013, the question remains if the state of Nebraska has the drugs to carry this out.

Douglas County Attorney Don Klein said, “The department of corrections doesn't even have a protocol with regard to a mixture to do legal injections, so right now, I don't know if it's worth having a death penalty.

The people of the state say ‘we want the death penalty,’ so whatever the law is, we enforce the law so that's what the law is right now."

The last time someone was executed in Nebraska was in 1997.

It was brought back last year by voters.

“The court obviously weighed all the things in this case and decided he deserves the maximum punishment,” Klein said. “It will be years before there's ever a final finality to this as far as it carrying out of a sentence.”

So what’s next?

Klein says Jenkins has appeals that must go to the Nebraska Supreme Court.

“Even after that's done, he still has the right to exercise other avenues of the post-conviction process where we can bring in the federal court,” Klein said.

Klein also says some changes can even come down to the day of execution.

"There's also appeals that can happen even at the last minute that first day of execution,” he said. “It’s with the Supreme Court. They can stop it depending on what issue might be raised."

In the end, Klein says Jenkins’ sentence is reasonable.

“If you're going to have a death penalty, then he's someone that deserves that as a candidate.”

Klein also says it's costlier for someone to be on death row versus an inmate in prison.

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