NSP said man blew five times the legal limit in DUI arrest


    Drinking isn't limited to the weekends, and one arrest Monday night proved just that. One man had so much to drink, he blew five times the legal limit. Records show this was the second DUI he has had in the past four years.

    According to Nebraska State Patrol Troopers, his will be one of the top 5 highest blood alcohol concentration's since the beginning 2018. Troopers said the 54-year old driver was going 25 in a 55 near 132nd and dodge and swerving back and forth in the lanes.

    "It's not always speeding," said Trooper Tom Hicken. "When people get to this point of intoxication, your body is depressed and you just slow down."

    Height and weight are taken into account for BAC, and after hearing the man was 176 pounds and 54-years-old, one driving instructor said she's surprised he is alive.

    "It is a very high number," said Anna Venditte. "Especially on a Monday night; What are you doing on a Monday night?"

    At the Cornhusker Driving School, instructors teach their students with drunk goggles ranging from .08 to .15. According to the Nebraska State Troopers, the person driving behind the vehicle was four times more impaired than what you would see in the goggles.

    "When we get the drunk goggles on the students, we want them to see what it truly is like driving while you're impaired."

    In her experience, drivers are lucky to have an alternative.

    "The nice thing students have now is Lyft or Uber. It's five to ten bucks to get home. compared to a DUI that can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars."

    NSP said the driver's license has been taken away and the driver will have to get a breathalyzer device for his car in order to get his license back.

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