Omaha Burke High School student says she was kicked off the track team due to her tweet

Omaha Burke High School student says she was kicked off the track team due to her tweets

OMAHA,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-One Omaha student says she was kicked off the track team because of a tweet she posted in April. Autumn Jontz is a senior at Omaha Burke High School. She tells FOX 42 that she was sitting second in the state for track.

"My season was getting really good," Jontz said.

She says the tweet that got her dismissed from the team said:

"Does anyone have a hurdle coach Burke can borrow because apparently we don't have one."

Jontz says after she posted the tweet, her coach told her to return her track items.

After this incident, Jontz posted another tweet stating that she was removed from the team due to her first post. However, in her second tweet, she talked about another student participating in track after she says that student made a racial slur on Twitter. School officials say that student was kicked off the cheerleading team. As of today, Jontz said that student is a member of the track team.

"She shouldn't be able to represent Burke in any kind of way."

According to student records, Autumn was removed from the track team for skipping class on days when she showed up to track practice. Records also say the second tweet about the other student's behavior got her suspended from school for five days. School officials also accused Jontz of creating a hostile environment at the school due to her tweets.

"My twitter shouldn't be watched and they shouldn't take an offense to what anyone say on social media. Everybody says what they want on social media," Jontz said.

Jontz says she missed out on a couple of track and scholarship opportunities.

"A couple of college coaches did text me and ask me how come I'm not competing."

Jontz tells FOX 42 that she is staying away from Twitter to prevent future problems.

"I haven't been on Twitter lately because I want to walk across the stage."

School records indicate that Autumn's participation in Burke's commencement rehearsal and ceremony is pending based on her appropriate behavior and actions exhibited up until the commencement ceremony time on May 22nd. If Autumn's actions during that time are appropriate as deemed by Burke administration, she will be welcomed to participate in the commencement exercises.

Omaha Public Schools representative released this statement regarding Jontz.

"When a student’s behavior violates the code of conduct, we must address the behavior with the appropriate disciplinary action. We continue to work with the student and her family through this challenge, as we have through previous challenges involving this student throughout the past school year.”

Jontz is 18-years-old. She did give the school district written permission to release her student records to FOX 42 News.

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