Omaha graduates give thanks to a program they call life-changing

Omaha graduates give thanks to a program they call life-changing

OMAHA,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-Over a 100 students graduated from Boys Town High School on Sunday. The graduates were at-risk of not graduating or experiencing success before attending Boys Town High School.

"I'm extremely proud of him, I cried, I cried, I just kept crying, I am so glad he made it," Harreia Moore said. Moore's son is one of this year's graduates.

"It's a good feeling for my family to see me succeed," Gerald Smith said.

Every graduate has a story to tell. They all come from different cities and walks of life. Smith is from Baltimore, Maryland.

Smith tells FOX 42 that he needed a way out of gun violence, gangs and poverty, which was the case for many of his fellow graduates.

"Baltimore was getting so bad and I didn't want my son to be a statistic," Moore said.

Smith spent four years away from his mother. He says texts and calls were never enough, but he never threw in the towel.

"My mother, she kept me here, she kept me fighting and said it's all going pay off in the end."

Smith will be going to Minnesota State University to study psychology and play football.

"Them bringing me here is like a second chance to better myself as a person and an athlete so I can go on with life and become a good college student and a good man," Smith said. "I came here knowing I need help and I feel like that's my chance to give back, helping other kids who need help."

At least 65% of the graduating class will attend a two-year our four-year college program, others will join the workforce and a few will go into Job Corps or the military.

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