Omaha man believes rabbit was shot near his home

Omaha man believes rabbit was shot near his home

OMAHA,NEB(FOX42KPTM) -One Omaha family found a dead rabbit outside their home. They believe it was shot and left for dead.

"It looked a little bit suspicious," Kyle Martin said. He lives near 61st Avenue and Center Street.

"It look like half of his head was blown off."

Martin's neighbor says a rabbit was killed the same way in her front yard. This happened a week before Martin stumbled on this gruesome scene.

"They live on the other side of the park it seem like something happened over there too, I don't know if it was a rabbit or squirrel."

Martin says he didn't here any gunshots that night.

"We were trying to think back we went 15 minutes on a walk so that would have been the only time we were not at home so unless they used a silencer or something, I don't know why we didn't hear it."

FOX 42 reached out to Games and Parks and The Nebraska Humane Society to ask what may have been the cause of the rabbit's death.

The Nebraska Humane Society says based on the blood spatter on that green recycle bin, it is possible that the rabbit was shot. However, Games and Parks says it doesn't think it was shot at all. It believes a wild animal attacked it.

"The way the blood was splattered, it was all in one direction, I'm pretty sure it got shot."

Shooting a gun in city limits is against the law.

"If it's just a shoot for sports, and to not report that or not at least tell us since it's in our driveway, that's a little messed up."

If anyone were to find a dead animal near their property, you can contact The Nebraska Humane Society to come pick it up. This way if something fishy actually happen, it can investigate it.

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