Omaha mom finds Neo-Nazi book in little free library

Omaha mom finds Neo-Nazi book in little free library

OMAHA,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-There's at least 30 Little Free Libraries in the Omaha area. For the past two weeks, people have found Neo-Nazi books in the little libraries.

"We saw it in there and we didn't know what it was at first and we were kind of looking through it," Maxine Nunez said. She found the book in two separate little libraries.

The name of the book is called " You and Your Folk."

"We saw that it was actual printed Nazi propaganda."

The book is translated from an original Third Reich publication. It was given to young people in Nazi Germany.

"It was pretty disturbing what we saw in it," Nunez said. "It talked about not blackening your soul by mixing with other races."

Nunez says it hits close to home because her children is part Latino.

"The kids didn't even want me to bring it in the house. They wanted us to bring the shredder outside and shred it there."

She's the only one who's seen the book. The Anti-Defamation League says reports have it popping up in some areas around West Omaha.

"Hitting the little book libraries is particularly disturbing because what it does for kids," Mary-Beth Muskin said. She's the ADL Regional Director.

"Typically these type of incidents are promoted by one person, someone who decided they wanted to work in this area,"she said.

Muskin says there's nothing the group or police can do to stop it, because it's not against the law.

"While this activity is not illegal, it's certainly disturbing," she said. "This individual has the freedom of speech to put out and translate this book, we have the freedom of speech to say not happening in my neighborhood."

If you ever find the book, Muskin encourages you to report it.

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