Omaha on top as up-and-coming tech hotspot in mid-west

Omaha on top as up-and-coming tech hotspot in mid-west

Creighton University graduate Matthew Ronay says for him, things just fell into place.

"[I] stayed with a tech start-up and been here ever since," said Ronay.

He's originally from the west coast, but now he works for a tech company in downtown Omaha.

His story seems to fit right in line with a new study done by

The website now ranks Omaha and Lincoln the number one up-and-coming tech hot-spot, which is considered an area that's supportive of new tech businesses.

"With the universities that are here, with the population, with some of the tech companies already here, like Paypal Facebook, and Google, those are the ingredients to help start an entrepreneurial tech ecosystem," said Brian Lee of AIM Silicon Prairie News.

UNO assistant professor Robin Gandhi said, "a lot of our students find a lot of job opportunities that applies them to use the knowledge that their gaining here.

Right now, Facebook is busy working on a new data center in Papillion.

"All of these different companies that have emerged and are now employing people in the mid-west and providing really exciting cool jobs for people to do," said Lee.

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