Omaha photographer captures heated Trump rally through his camera

Omaha photographer captures heated Trump rally through his camera

OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) — There were plenty of people taking photos and video of the Trump rally on Saturday, but it was a professional photographer's photos that seemed to stand out the most.

"In this area where we are right now, when it was probably at the most intensity, you're just kind of wondering what's going to happen next," said freelance photographer Skip DeBusk.

One of the things he says sticks out in his mind was a smoke bomb.

"As I came down to this point, that's when the red smoke bomb was thrown at the police, right here on the sidewalk," said DeBusk. "It was immediately kicked out into the street."

The "Make America Great Again" rally held in Omaha was just one of many that happened at the same time across the country.

The one here in the Metro started off calm, but then anti-trump protesters showed up. DeBusk said that's when things got heated.

He captured several shots with his camera, on a day when several people were arrested.

DeBusk said police used pepper balls to try to take control of the crowd.

Shayla McShannon was at the rally to support President Trump and the country's military and first responders.

"The message I'd really like to get across is to just have people listen more to each other, instead of yelling and wearing masks, and trying to disrupt peaceful rallies," said McShannon.

Eris Koleszar was also there, as part of a group of anti-Trump protesters.

"I saw no violence from any protester against police or at a Trump supporter," said Koleszar, who said she felt police were the aggressors in the situation.

DeBusk, who continued to snap photos during the event, thought Omaha Police did a good job.

"It was very amazing to see what was going on. from my vantage point, the police were very professional," said DeBusk.

We did reach out to Omaha Police about the situation. Police said when they go to rallies and protests, their main goal is to make sure people are safe and that the laws are followed.

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