Omaha ranks in the top ten for vegan-friendly cities, PETA says

Omaha ranks in the top ten for vegan-friendly cities, PETA says

OMAHA,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-According to PETA, Omaha makes eighth on the list for the top ten vegan-friendly cities. Mayor Jean Stothert will receive a framed certificate.

"Omaha is really progressing and we try to stay along the curve with dining options and the culinary scene, so I am not surprised," Larissa Ramos said. She's the general manager at Blatt Beer & Table.

Logan Graves works at Blatt Beer & Table as well. He just turned vegan a year ago.

"I can still order something and be included with the rest of the table."

Chief cook of The Benson Brewery says vegan options are becoming more common in Omaha.

"There's been a lot of restaurants popping up over the years," Ken Grigsby said.

FOX 42's Winnie Dortch went around town looking for restaurants that serve some vegan food. She stopped at The Benson Brewery and ordered the black bean burger. Just miles from there, she stopped at Blatt Beer & Table where she tried the vegan currywurst.

"I think people are trying to take care of themselves a little bit more and I think restaurants are keeping up with that," Ramos said.

You can also stop in Amateur Coffee, Block 16, and Modern Love. Everything on the menu at Modern Love is vegan.

"I love that place, the menu is great," Graves said.

Whether you are a vegan or meat-eater, some say Omaha has it all.

"I think there's room for everybody," Grigsby said.

Here's a list of other restaurants that serve vegan dishes.

-The Blue Sushi Sake Grill

-Nice Noodles

-Coneflower Creamery

-Ted & Wally's

PETA also listed Los Angeles; New York; San Francisco; Minneapolis; Portland, Oregon; Detroit; Cleveland; Miami; and Kansas City, Missouri.

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