Omaha teachers star in L.A. gameshow


Ally Logan and Michelle Thomsen are both teachers in Omaha.

They also both love watching the hit show "Beat Shazam."

"Beat Shazam" is similar to name that tune where contestants guess songs correctly before the other teams do.

With the summer off Logan decided to audition, and they both got in.

The two said the interview process was grueling, and at times the process felt like work.

They also had to study all genres of music.

But they both said when they got up on the stage all the nerves went away and they had a blast.

Logan said she was so starstruck and excited to meet host, Jamie Foxx.

The two ended up beating the two other teams and winning nearly 300 thousand dollars.

Logan and Thomsen said they aren't quite ready to give up their teaching gigs yet but they had a blast on "Beat Shazam."

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