Omaha woman lives waste free and wants to help you do it too

Omaha woman lives waste free and wants to help you do it too

When it comes to living waste free, Leigh Neary certainly has it down.

"The first key to living zero waste is avoid using plastic bags all together," said Neary.

She's an environmental engineer, and for ten years she cleaned up polluted land.

Now, she has dedicated her own life to an old adage "waste not want not."

"Everything that I was reading and everything I learned in college, throughout my career all the contamination, I just realized it has to stop," she said.

Around her home she is meticulous.

"This is my waste from this week," she said as she held up a small jar to show FOX42 photojournalist Bowen Peterson.

Neary lives by her own definition of zero waste: no plastic and no toxins down the drain.

In her bathroom, the motto still stands.

"I make my own soap just out of coconut oil and lye," said Neary.

Her latest batch will last her six months, and the bars of soap make up just one type of toiletry Neary makes herself in order to protect the environment.

"[I'm] trying to reduce my personal footprint as much as possible, and then helping people in the community do that as well," she said.

She plans to open her own shop on Underwood Ave in Omaha. The plan is to provide supplies for zero waste living and hold seminars on how to do it.

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