Omaha's newest lake officially open to the public

Flanagan Lake is located near 168th and Fort streets.

OMAHA, Neb (FOX 42 KPTM)-- There's a new lake in Omaha and it officially opened to the public Wednesday morning.

Flanagan Lake is located near 168th and Fort Street.

It's technically a flood control reservoir. It helps protect Omaha from flooding around the Papillion Creek Watershed.

But there are also a lot of things to do around the area. There are five miles of hiking and biking trails, parks, and green space.

The lake itself is 220 acres. People can take kayaks and boats on the lake.

The Papio Natural Resources District is also holding a contest as part of the opening celebrations. The "Dam Fun Contest" lets people enter to win recreation-themed prizes including a kayak, a bike, and children's fishing gear. You just have to take a picture at the lake.

Check out the contest rules here.

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