OPPD explains the reason for so many power outages Sunday


    OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - Ask someone who has lived in the Omaha area for a while and they'll tell you winter weather can be unkind.

    "The power can just come and go at times."

    It can also be unfair.

    "You never know when you'll get it back."

    Mother Nature was back at it again Sunday throwing a curveball to more than 50,000 Omaha Public Power District customers. The snow was just too much, and not just for people.

    "A lot of trees just full with their leaves could not handle that kind of pressure," said Jodi Baker, an OPPD spokesperson.

    Baker told FOX 42 News Tuesday when you mix that with power lines it doesn't make a good combination.

    "The branches snap off and they fall into power lines. That creates a slew of problems."

    OPPD says even the power lines that are underneath the ground are still vulnerable during a snowstorm.

    "Because those overhead lines have to feed in somewhere, so they'll feed the underground lines, so you could see a lot of problems all throughout the area."

    As of Tuesday night, the power is back on for most OPPD customers. Baker says the weekend snow was like an early test. One she says they'll learn from.

    "After an event like this, we go back and kind of analyze everything that took place from outage reporting to communications that we're giving our customers to response times."

    According to weather records, the snow that fell over the weekend was not Omaha's earliest snowfall. Back in 1985, three-tenths of an inch was recorded in the month of September.

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