OPS answers questions about food complaints at Omaha schools


OMAHA,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-Omaha Public Schools says it does its best to make sure students get the best lunches possible, but some parents disagree.

Last week, FOX 42 told you about a mother who said her son received raw food and went several days without a warm meal.

The director of nutrition services tells us its staff is trained on food safety and sanitation, and it's important to note that throughout the cooking process temperatures are taken consistently.

Last week, a parent called FOX 42 saying her son from Omaha North High School wasn't always getting a complete meal for lunch, and if he did, it was cold.

"He was very upset," Angie Coffey said. "He's like, 'Mom...I bit into a raw potato and my food was cold.'"

Days later, another parent sent FOX 42 an email saying their child was served undercooked chicken.

Pictures appear to show a pan of chicken looking bloody with some less than fully cooked areas inside.

We asked the people who prepare the food how this could happen.

"It had nothing to do with temperature," said Tammy Yarmon, director of nutrition services. "It's the chicken -- when we receive the chicken and in the way they grow the chicken nowadays. In the situation of the chicken, as soon as it was brought to us that it was a concerned raise, we immediately temped the food."

They say the food tested safe to eat, but she says if they could do it all over again, they would have made some changes.

"We probably should have pulled the food because of aesthetics just because of people are not used to looking that way, but we know the food was safe," Yarmon said.

If any other food concerns from parents come up, Yarmon says, "we always act on every report and visit with the family and the students."

She says they serve at least 1.2 million meals every month that they're committed to serving healthy and nutritious foods to every student.

Yarmon says they look at the amounts of food children intake, and that's how they base what to produce next time.

They also take temperatures when the food arrives at their dock and while cooking.

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