Papillion dad buys something extra special for his children's backpacks

Papillion dad buys something extra special for his children's backpacks

PAPILLION,NEB (FOX42KPTM)-Backpack bulletproof inserts have been around for awhile. However, since the Florida school shooting, people in the Omaha area have made it a popular purchase.

"Never imagined having to make a purchase like this for my kids," Joe Leggett said. He bought one for each of her his children.

"I can't be with them all the time, there's things I would like to do to help ensure their safety."

He bought them from a store called Tactical 88. They're about 9-inch by 12-inch. Each one cost $120.

According to the Associated Press, the panels are meant to be inserted into the back of a backpack, providing protection to a wearer running from a shooter. If a student encountered a shooter face to face, the backpack should be held up like a shield or worn on the chest like a vest.

"It fits right inside a folder, they're really tiny, they're very small as far as the profile, they're incredibly thin, very light weight, weighs about a pound, maybe less than. It's designed to stop smaller caliber rounds."

It's not designed to stop bullets from an assault rifle.

"It's not full proof, but it gives him a chance that he didn't have a month ago," Leggett said. "If rounds hit this, they almost absorb into it so you can almost see dimples protrude from the other side but they don't penetrate this."

Although it may not fight off everything, he says it's enough to possibly save one life.

"I hate the thought of even having to do something like this for my kids, provide some type defense mechanism for them, unfortunately it's the day in which we live."

If you're interested in purchasing one, you find them here.

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