Child hit by bus at 22nd and Sprague has died


OMAHA, Neb (FOX 42 KPTM) -- UPDATE: Police confirmed the young boy died Monday night at Nebraska Medicine.

Omaha police say Ashleigh Avant, 33, had just dropped some kids off just east of 22nd street around 4:52 Monday afternoon.

Officers say as Avant was driving between 22nd and 23rd street, an 8-year-old-boy who had just gotten off the bus tried to run across Sprague.

They say Haji Mohamed was hit by the bus as soon as he walked into the street.

He was taken to Nebraska Medicine with CPR in progress and in critical condition, he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Omaha Public Schools said Avant has been employed with Student Transportation of America (STA) for four years.

District officials say there were roughly were roughly 6 students still on the bus at the time of the crash.

They also say families of students who rode that bus as received personal phone calls Monday evening from OPS administration.

STA is also working with an independent, third party as they conduct their own internal investigation as part of after action and follow up to the accident, according to OPS.

Regarding safety procedures, OPS said the following:

  • STA reads a daily safety message over the two (2-way) radio each day—one message in the morning and another message in the afternoons.
  • STA also holds a monthly safety meeting (Auditorium Setting sometimes and on-the-bus training)
  • All bus drivers take required safety training upon hire.
  • All safety training required by drivers is designed to meet compliance requirements set by the Nebraska Department of Transportation and the Department of Education’s Pupil Transportation requirements. Requirements are below.

From Department of Education Pupil Transportation Guide

Loading/Unloading Procedure
Check for oncoming traffic
Use rear view mirror system to check for oncoming traffic
Reduce speed
Activate amber warning lights on bus - not less than 300 , not more than 600 feet from stop
Student shall stand off the traveled portion of roadway waiting for any traffic to pass
Allow sufficient area to right of bus to load or unload students
After stopping, bus is placed in park/neutral and park brake is applied
Check again for traffic
Activate red warning lights and extend stop arm
Check for safe drop off location, road is clear, traffic has stopped
Open door to load/unload students
When children have left the bus, they should walk to a distance of approximately 12 feet in front of the bus. Driver signals children when to safely cross roadway.
When children are safely across road or on their way home retract stop arm, turn off warning lights, check traffic and proceed.
When loading, do not put bus in motion until door is closed and children are seated.
All passengers shall remain seated while bus is in motion.
Students are not allowed to cross the roadway behind the bus when it is stopped to load or unload.
The driver must tell the children to stay at least 12 feet away when crossing in front of the bus.
Students who walk along the roadway to and from the bus stop should do so along the left side of the roadway facing traffic.

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