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People against the death penalty protest at the state capitol

People against the death penalty protest at the state capitol

OMAHA, Neb(FOX42KPTM)-Just hours after Carey Dean Moore's execution, several people gathered at the state capitol. Many say they want government officials to kill the death penalty.

We're tired of this broken death penalty system," Matt Maly said. He's the operations coordinator for Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.

"It's important to make our voices heard, it's important that our leaders know that Nebraskans are outraged by what happened this morning."

Nancy Flader lives down the street from the Nebraska State Penitentiary. She says she walked a mile to pray outside the doors.

"It really rocked me this morning," Flader said. "It really rocked me this morning."

State senator Patty Pansing Brooks also shared her outrage Tuesday afternoon.

"I am trying to wrap my mind around this despicable act, I am totally against it,"she said.

Death penalty opponents say they believe every person should be punished if they did something bad, but execution is not the answer.

"The alternative is simple and clear it's life without the possibility of parole," Maly said. "Lock him up, throw away the key and also it can save money that way."

Protestors say they will continue to fight for justice. They plan to encourage others to vote against the death penalty in November elections.

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