People in Blackstone District frustrated by car crashes


    OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - There were tense moments Wednesday night for people living in Omaha's Blackstone District. A crash left an SUV on its side and had lots of flashing lights in the area. It was the kind of incident that was an all too familiar sight for some people.

    "There was this one time a driver went up the hill, took out a railing and just missed a tree," described Brett Satterlee, who has property in the area.

    Satterlee told FOX 42 News he's seen his share of car wrecks.

    "Drivers come down here at a pretty good clip."

    Wednesday was more of the same. According to Omaha police, the driver of the SUV apparently took a turn too fast and plowed into a parked car before overturning. The next morning the destruction remained as broken car parts scattered the street.

    Satterlee told FOX 42 News in the last two years he's seen about 12 or 13 different car crashes at or near his property. He said that's why he added some safety features, like rocks in a front yard.

    "I had to do something to keep drivers off the front porch."

    Statistics from Omaha Public Works show the area has been identified as a problem in the past. In 2013, nearby 33rd and Harney was ranked in the Top 25 of worst intersections for wrecks. That ranking was based on crashes per one million vehicles.

    "It's quite frustrating."

    As for what can be done to fix the problem, Satterlee believes there's no easy answer.

    "Two lanes of wide open space and people tend to go quick."

    As for Wednesday's crash, firefighters had to use the Jaws of Life to get at least one person out of the overturned SUV. No one was hurt in that crash.

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