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People in Louisville start clean up after Monday's storms

People in Louisville start clean up after Monday's storms

LOUISVILLE,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-Monday's storms left people cleaning their backyards Tuesday morning.

Roofs were torn from buildings. windows were busted and plenty of trees were knocked down.

"I think most of the town thought it was going to pass us," Megan Koczur said. She watched the storm from her bedroom window.

"It was a bunch of tree branches flying around, it wasn't a pretty site, you can just feel the wind and the rain and everything coming down."

She took her dog to the basement.

"It was pretty eerie."

The National Weather Service says two drivers were taken to a hospital and other drivers suffered minor injuries Monday when straight-line winds topping 80 mph (129 kph) knocked over nine semis on Interstate 29 in western Iowa. The post office in Sidney, Iowa, lost its roof.

Authorities say several homes were damaged in the Lake Waconda community in Cass County, Nebraska. Brief tornado touchdowns were reported near Cedar Creek, Murray and Table Rock.

"I think something may have touched down a few blocks away," Kozcur said. "I could see the clouds and everything turning."

She says this is all part of living in Nebraska.

"You always have to be prepared here."

OPPD officials say all power was restored by Tuesday morning. They also tell FOX 42 that it's the homeowner's responsibility to remove any tree debris from their property.

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