People in Plattsmouth hoping for Missouri River to crest

People in Plattsmouth hoping for Missouri River to crest

Mark Morehead owns land in Plattsmouth.

"The water here would probably be about six or eight feet lower," said Morehead.

And with the Missouri River now flooding, campgrounds are under water, but Morehead's is not.

"Most of the campers are feeling comfortable not to leave," said Morehead, "and they're hanging in there because they feel safe."

All week he's been watching the Missouri rise around him.

He says he's seen much worse, like in 2011, but still he's relieved the National Weather Service doesn't expect the river to rise another day.

"I've seen Main Street be a river before, when it's been too much rain," said Karen Prohaska, who owns a shop on Main Street. "It's coming up slow, so it'll just go down slow."

Plattsmouth isn't the only community dealing with this.

Campers in Haworth Park in Bellevue evacuated earlier in the week.

It's the same for NP Dodge Park in north Omaha. Right now, it is under water.

"We feel confident it won't flush us out," said Morehead. "Only if we don't get no more rain."

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