People prep for upcoming snowstorm, Nebraska State Patrol gives tips

No matter where you are heading the snow that is expected to fall on Friday is going to make the roads slick.

Now, the Nebraska State Patrol has a warning for all drivers: take nothing for granted.

On Thursday, Joe Cabral was taking no chances. He was stocking up on ice melt ahead of the snowstorm.

Cabral said, "We always buy our ice melt just to be safe."

It’s something he recommends that other people do as well.

Cabral said, "We're just going to try to be prepared so people don't slip and fall."

However, it wasn’t just homeowners getting ready for this next round of snow.

Lt. Kevin Bridges said, “It is winter in the Midwest, never know what each day is going to bring."

It's something Bridges wants people to keep in mind, especially after days of sunny skies and warm temperatures.

Bridges said, "I think there's going to be some people that'll be surprised in the morning."

Snow fall amounts will vary depending on where you live in the metro and Bridges wants people to be prepared before hitting the road Friday morning.

"We ask is motorists allow extra time. Leave, we ask, 30 minutes early for work."

Bridges also wants people be ready for the worst case scenario.

He says if you end up stranded somewhere these are some of the items you need to have in your car: a flashlight, shovel, ice scraper, phone charger, first aid kit, bottles of water, snacks, and warm clothing.

Once you are in the car Bridges say he has one piece of advice: “Drive not only for yourself, but drive for the others around you.”

People can check on road closures and conditions by dialing 511 or downloading the 511 app.

It’s Nebraska and Iowa's Advanced Traveler Information System.

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