People react to World Health Organization's decision on 'gaming addiction'

People react to World Health Organization's decision on 'gaming addiction'

Nick Grimm says playing video games is his way to unwind.

"I just look at it as a hobby, like it's not good or bad," he said. "It's just kinda the thing I do."

The world health organization just announced on Friday the term "gaming disorder" will be recognized as a "mental health condition," after some health experts cited the possible addictive risks that could come with video games.

"Absolutely, I agree 100%," said parent Jessica Hanson. "Maybe not directly, but indirectly, whether it keeps kids in doors than being outside and being healthy."

David Mitchell, who fixes video game consoles for a living, said while life is always balance, he doesn't agree with the WHO.

"There were times back when I was a kid where I would spend all day gaming," he said, "but I still came out pretty normal."

He turned his love for video games into a career and now has his own YouTube channel

"I've been able to do whatever I want and live a comfortable life, fixing video games."

Grimm says whether it's considered a disease or not, it won't keep him away from his Star Wars game on XBox.

"Sometimes you just want to be a Jedi," he said.

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