Local pet private investigator helps find missing dogs

Local pet private investigator helps find missing dogs

OMAHA,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-A local pet private investigator is helping an Omaha woman find her dog. Karin TarQwyn has been helping people find their dogs for 15 years.

TarQwyn was previously a missing person investigator. In 2004, her dog ran away. She found him four months later. This experience encouraged her to change her career.

"I knew that if I was experiencing this kind of grief and panic so must other people," TarQwyn said.

She doesn't do the job alone, she has a team of dogs and other private investigators.

"You can't do this work with just one dog."

She tells FOX 42 News that she receives a lot of phone calls from people looking for their dogs everyday.

"We receive anywhere between 5-15 request a day for help, there's over four million pets a year go missing."

TarQwyn is currently helping Jacqueline Vu. Vu's dog got away on Monday. She has a Shabi Inu.

"It was a loud sound or something from the construction guys and it scared my dog. He got loose of his harness and took off in the hills," Vu said.

Her dog, Koga, turns two-years-old in October.

TarQwyn was last tracked near 102nd and Maple Streets.

"I watch my clients go through this and it's agonizing," TarQwyn said.

Vu is hoping with the help of TarQwyn and posters around town it will bring her dog back.

"I would at least like to know where he is at, if he's Okay, even if something tragic happened," Vu said.

If you believe you may have seen Koga, you can call the FOX 42's newsroom at 402-554-4282.

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