Pink light bulb idea raises awareness for breast cancer


OMAHA, NE(FOX42KPTM)- A local organization called "Project Pink'd" is trying something different this year to raise awareness for breast cancer. Omaha Professional Fire Fighters Association suggested the fundraiser idea to the group. They've sold about 2,000 light bulbs so far.

Kris Klein is a two year cancer survivor. She was diagnosed in 1992 and 2003.

"I get home from work, and I flip it on and I leave it on all night until the morning and I turn it back off," said Klein.

After surviving cancer the last time, she is still living a healthy life. She is involved in Project Pink'd of Omaha.

The group supports cancer survivors.

President, Cynthia Sturgeon says they couldn't pass this idea up.

"The firefighters came to us with a fundraising idea opportunity and said you know what, what if we do pink light bulbs to show support," said Sturgeon.

Sturgeon says the lights are selling like hotcakes and they're continuously ordering more to meet the demand of buyers.

"We wanted to bring awareness to the survivor-ship in our community and Project Pink'd helps survivors in our community thrive so that's what the pink light bulb was all about."

The light bulbs are selling for $5.00 each. If you would like to purchase one or want more information, visit projectpinkd.orglight/lightitup

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