Police: Officer was dragged in car door before he shot driver


COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (FOX 42 KPTM)-- Council Bluffs police say a police officer was dragged for about 40 feet in a speeding car door before he decided to open fire on the driver.

This all happened around 3 a.m. at the Fas Mart on Broadway Thursday morning.

Police released new details about the shooting Friday afternoon.

Investigators say Officer Trevor Benson, with CBPD for five years, was called to the gas station on reports of a suspicious car in the lot.

They say Benson walked up to the driver's side door of the car and the driver refused to identify himself or get out of the car.

The driver was later identified as Daton Petrey, 21, from Omaha.

They say Benson opened the driver side door to try to get Petrey out of the car. That's when investigators say Petrey threw the car into reverse and started backing up quickly.

They say the officer got stuck in between the car door and the car's body for about 40 feet.

That's when they say Benson fired two shots.

Petrey was hit once in the lower torso.

Officers say Petrey sped into the alley behind the business, but hit a power pole guide-wire which caused the car to flip.

He tried to run away, but officers say they found him under a parked car about a block away.

He was taken to the hospital and is expected to get better.

Police say they did not find any weapons on Petrey or in his car.

Investigators say there was a passenger in Petrey's car who tried to get out when they say Petrey reversed.

They say he fell out of the car and his leg was run over, but that he refused medical treatment.

Officers say Petrey has a warrant out for his arrest for a parole violation.

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation is looking into the shooting.

Council Bluffs Police say the Internal Affairs Unit will also be looking into it.

They are working with the Pottawattamie County Attorney to figure out what to charge him with.

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