Police urge drivers to move over or slow down during work zone safety week


Jerry Miller says over the last four months, he's come a long way.

"It's been kind of a hard situation to try to keep a straight mind, but through my family and friends I've been able to do it," he said.

On December 18th, Miller says he was hooking up a tractor trailer to his tow truck on I-80 near L street in Omaha when a pick-up hit the back of the semi.

He lost his leg that day, and was then confined to a wheel chair.

"It hit me so hard, and if it had been a few seconds later I would have been killed," said Miller.

Jerry joined others to share their stories at Nebraska Safety Council in Lincoln on Monday.

In Nebraska it is "Work Zone and Roadside Safety Awareness Week."

Officials say it's their opportunity to remind drivers to move over. They say, if you can't move over, then slow down because it's the law.

"Move over is a serious challenge that we have in this state," said Col. John Bolduc of the Nebraska State Patrol. "We have folks who are not paying attention."

He says over the last three months, three squad cars were hit by drivers while they were on the side of the road.

Just last month, police say a woman was struck and killed as she walked from her car to a nearby tow truck.

"Those tragedies are happening way too often," said Col. Bolduc.

Miller says he wants drivers to be careful.

"Slow down," he said. "Wake up! You know it's like, when this happened to me, all I can do is thank God for the truck driver, or else I would not be here anymore."

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