Popular Council Bluffs restaurant set to close in two weeks

Popular Council Bluffs restaurant set to close in two weeks

On Monday night, Rob Gilmer announced on Facebook that his popular restaurant Dixie Quicks will close for good on January 21st.

"There've been nothing but wonderful warm responses," said Gilmer.

For 22 years, he and his husband Rene Orduna have been running the restaurant, which opened in Omaha and later moved to Council Bluffs.

Gilmer said it had become a lot to handle and it was time to let it go and focus on its legacy instead.

"People talked about how it was their first date here," he said. "They came here as a little kid. The dinosaurs that we had and the patio that we had on Leavenworth Street."

Dixie Quicks is known for its brunch and all around good food. People from all over have a place in their hearts for it.

"I'm going to miss this place dearly. we motorcycle out here in the summers," said Aaaron Gurzick. "This is kind of our destination spot for dinner."

Just like so many others, Gilmer also cherishes the memories he made here with Rene.

The couple moved from Nebraska to Iowa so they could get married.

In November 2016, Rene died of cancer.

"He never wanted it sold. It was born with us and it died with us," said Gilmer talking about Dixie Quicks.

For the next two weeks until it closes, the restaurant will not take reservations. Instead, it will be first come first serve.

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