Protest at rally gets heated when President Trump supporter grabs woman's walker

    Protesters picket presidential rally in Council Bluffs

    Things got a little heated at the protest Tuesday night near the Mid-America Center.

    A woman says a President Trump supporter leaving the rally grabbed her walker.

    "He took it up almost over his head like he was going to hit me with it," said Evelyn Russell.

    She is okay and says she won't press charges. Police did intervene and eventually let the man go.

    Starting in the afternoon, protesters lined sidewalks near the AMC battling the elements.

    "It's pouring rain out here and it doesn't matter," said Megan Curran, one of many President Trump protesters. "One in five women will educe sexual assault in their lifetime and you can't just blow that over pretend that it doesn't happen."

    Just behind the group of picketers, was a contrast of opinion, ticket-holders walking to the President's rally.

    "It's just an honor that the President is in our town," said Shawn Loftus. "I'm just really there to respect him."

    Many of the the protesters stayed outside in the rain even after President Trump finished his speech.

    "We will be taking our voice to the ballet box," said Curran.

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