Attic left in ruins after raccoon takes over space to have babies

Raccoons take over homeowner's attic to have babies

Homeowner Jackie Janecek says raccoons have been one big problem ever since her family got to their summer home in Valley.

"They're using our upstairs as a latrine," said Janecek.

For a week now, those unwelcome guests have been living in the attic.

"We heard some scratching and some noise upstairs and thought it may be a squirrel," said Janecek.

But Dan Nielsen from Genuine Pest Control says it's definitely a raccoon that caused upwards of $2,000 in damage.

"Heater and A/C duct have been destroyed throughout the attic," said Nielsen.

Just a few days before, he setup traps to catch the mom and also put down what's called "eviction fluid."

"When she smells that, she will immediately go grab the babies and relocate them to another area whether it's a hole in a tree, or another safe place that she's got," said Nielsen. "She may have another attic in another house, you just never know."

To reduce the chances of this happening to you, Nielsen says:

  • Make sure your home's siding is installed properly.
  • Check your overhangs for openings.
  • Install a chimney cap.

"Really close up those access points is what I'd recommend," said Janecek.

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