Road crews spend their Thursday battling Old Man Winter


OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - The snow was finished falling in the Omaha area by early afternoon Thursday, but ice remained a concern.

"We're doing a little more work on our storm cleanup," said Jay Partch, a highway maintenance crew chief for the Nebraska Department of Transportation.

Around noon Thursday, Partch began a 12-hour work shift. During his time at work, he was on the lookout for slippery spots on the roads.

"It's usually on the bridges and the ramps," said Partch.

From west Omaha to the Iowa state line, it's Partch's job to make sure wet spots stay wet. Any refreezing could send cars and trucks off interstates and highways. Keeping the roads safe is a job Partch says he's prepared to do well into the night.

"Our goal is to have the streets totally dry."

Road crews for NDOT certainly had to work long hours on Thursday. Working along I-80, Partch got plenty of help from his coworkers. In a 24-hour operation, about 40 trucks were sent out to keep traffic flowing as smooth as possible.

"I would go over an area and the area would be clean and then I would come back a half hour later and there would be snow everywhere."

If you have to go somewhere during icy nights, NDOT reminds you to be careful and not make sudden turns. Remember, all it takes is just a little bit of water and freezing temperatures for tires to start spinning.

Also, when you go somewhere, don't forget about that 511 number. You can call that and get up-to-date weather and travel conditions.

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