Salute the Badge: Columbus police officer Brian Hunke


    COLUMBUS, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - Brian Hunke is proud of his new distribution center.

    "It just got built in the last few months," said Hunke. "It's something else."

    Hunke is a police officer in Columbus, but when he's not in uniform he keeps busy at Walleye Nation Creations. It's a supplier of fishing lures, which are colorful bobs designed to catch the attention of fish. Hunke and company partner Bill McGannon started Walleye Nation Creations about two and a half years ago. Last year, they earned a patent for their work.

    "We're definitely proud of our products," said Hunke.

    A lot of the stuff at Hunke's new distribution center you'll even find at retail shops.

    "We bring it all together here, we package it up, box it and then we ship it off."

    Some of those shipments even end up hundreds of miles away in stores across the country.

    "We would always take pictures of our products on the shelves just to prove that they were there."

    For Hunke, it's a dream come true, especially when he thinks about where Walleye Nation Creations started.

    "We grew out of our garage."

    Hunke told FOX 42 News his company has expanded to include a Facebook page and an online store. He says when he's not working he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.

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