Salute the Badge: Wahoo police officer Sean Vilmont


WAHOO, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - It's time once again for us to Salute the Badge. This is when we recognize first responders for their work serving the community off the clock. Thursday night, we heard from officer Sean Vilmont with the Wahoo Police Department.

Officer Vilmont likes to play a game that's sort of like chess except with more pieces.

"It's more than just a game," he said. "It's an actual hobby."

Vilmont plays what's known as a tabletop game.

"Each piece in the game represents different abilities."

When he's not working, Vilmont plays Bolt Action. The setting is World War II.

"Recreating battles like maybe the Germans versus the Airborne or maybe the Italians versus even the Soviets."

Vilmont assembles and paints the miniatures he uses for Bolt Action. He takes this stuff seriously and even competes in national tournaments.

"I find it very enjoyable and rewarding when I take them to a contest and actually have people look at them and are impressed."

To win this game, a competitor must come up with the right strategies to defeat an opponent. Rulers and measuring tape are used to determine movement and battles rely on dice rolls.

"Every single dice changes the flow of the game."

Vilmont's love for tabletop gaming has also helped military veterans. He once collected about $600 for veterans at an event in Omaha by raffling off one of these tabletop games.

"We're planning on doing that again next year. Hopefully, raise some more money to help veterans in need."

For Vilmont, it's about serving those who have served us. He told FOX 42 News he's been playing tabletop games for about 15 years now and Bolt Action for about two years.

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