School denies students tickets to Brad Paisley's concert

School denies students tickets to Brad Paisley's concert

Some Omaha school kids make a video to see a top country star and when they get an invite to go to Brad Paisley's concert the school doesn't tell them about it.

It was the claim from some parents on Wednesday.

FOX 42 News found out that staff are taking the tickets for themselves.

Some parents whose kids attend Field Club Elementary say they had no idea about the invite and that the school should have told them about it.

This is what the invite, read by Field Club Elementary Principal Barbara Wild, said: "We would like to invite you, staff, and any children to the Frontier fan section at Brad's concert on”

It’s the invite Principal Wild and Field Club Elementary got from Frontier Communications last Thursday. However, it never made it to the kids, parents say.

The email came after the students at Field Club Elementary produced a video where the kids were trying to get Brad Paisley to come to their school.

FOX 42 News began trying to help by getting in contact with Brad Paisley's record label as well, but a cable company decided to offer them a bus ride and a special section at the show in Lincoln Thursday night.

Wild said, “Keeping them out late at night and not getting back until eleven o’clock at night would not be appropriate for students.”

Instead, Wild says 55 staff members from the school will attend the show. The principal says the decision was reached after talking with some parents.

However, some parents we spoke with say this is the first time they even heard about this.

Scott Regnerus “That's a parent’s choice and if a parent makes that personal decision then that's on the parent. The school has no right to make that decision for a parent.”

Some say a mass e-mail should have been sent to parents giving them an option to decide.

Echo Spencer said, "They call us and leave us emails. If they would have said something about or even sent a note home, but I didn't know that."

In the end the parents say it's the kids who will be hurt by this decision.

"I would have took her even if she has school the next day because he's a big idol.”

Once FOX 42 News learned this we contacted Frontier.

This is what they told us: "That was up to the school leadership and was not our call. Those are young elementary kids. Logistically I cannot imagine a bus ride for young children and then a nighttime concert."

Wild says she's hoping the school will get a shout-out during the concert to show to the kids when they come back, but she even admits that's not even a guarantee.

The staff leaves Thursday on school buses to attend the concert. The principal says she hopes Brad Paisley will still consider visiting the school.

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