Six injured as tall bus crashes into railroad overpass in Council Bluffs

It happened just before noon on Big Lake Road near 15th Street, where a small transit bus that had crashed into the train trestle bridge.

Officers noted the bus was too tall to make it under the bridge and the top of the bus was severely damaged.

The back of the bus was ripped off during impact with the trestle bridge.

There were six people on the bus, including the driver.

All of them had minor injuries and three of the passengers received treatment at local hospitals for non-life threatening injuries.

The driver of the bus was issued a citation for this accident. The bus was owned by an assisted-living facility in Omaha.

Exactly six months ago, a similar accident occurred at this same location where no one was injured.

The clearance for this bridge is only 8 feet and 8 inches. Police urge drivers to remember this when traveling along Big lake Road and plan routes accordingly.

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