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One chicken containment site denied, four approved in Washington County

Some neighbors push back over proposed chicken containment buildings

Update: The Washington County Planning Commission denied Lincoln Premium Poultry's permit for the planned Highway 133 processing plant. The four other sites for the county did get approved.

BLAIR, Neb. (FOX 42 KPTM)--

Some people just outside of Blair say they're now worried thousands of chickens could have a negative impact on their neighborhood.

There are plans to put up buildings that will house chickens to supply a new Costco processing plant in Fremont.

The Washington County Planning Commission meeting was held Thursday night, and many people from the community showed up to voice their opinions.

"I've lost a lot of sleep over this," said Judy French, a homeowner just outside of Blair and only a quarter mile away from one of six proposed chicken containment sites. "My husband and I have talked about this at great length and it would change our life a great deal.

French has lived in the Blair area for 16 years. She says she's concerned about noise and also air quality.

"There's a very omnipresent north wind, so I was quite concerned about what the wind could be carrying," said French.

She says she's also concerned about a possible decrease in the value of her home.

The company behind the plans, Lincoln Premium Poultry, says it understands the neighbors' concerns.

A company spokesperson says having these chicken coups will be good for the community.

"Even in areas similar to this the tax base has continued to grow," said Jessica Kolterman. "We're really believing that if our growers meet all the requirements with the ag department and the country.. Hopefully it will have an opportunity to grow."

The land in Washington County is not the only site for these chicken buildings. Five other sites in the area are now up for discussion right now.

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