Some Omaha LED traffic lights partially covered by snow two days after winter storm


    OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - Being able to see while driving is a big issue during a snowstorm, but two days after the one that hammered Omaha some drivers are asking why they're still having trouble seeing traffic lights. They tell us the snow just isn't melting off.

    "From West Dodge coming all the way down here to 13th, a lot of them were covered," said Gail Hummel, a driver.

    If you've wondered why the snow has been slow to melt between Sunday and Tuesday, the City of Omaha says the LED lights simply don't generate enough heat to make that happen. That means a crew has to physically go out and clear the snow off using brooms. The city says there's nothing anyone can do about it.

    If you get to one of those traffic lights and you simply can't figure out its color, the city says you should treat it like a four-way stop. That means looking in all directions before going.

    "It's winter. It's supposed to snow, so everybody should be taking it easy out on the roads anyway," said Kent Behrens, a driver.

    As FOX 42 News found out Tuesday, the LED lights covered in snow isn't just a local problem. It's also a a problem in other cold weather states across the country.

    Several years ago, the City of Omaha began the transition to LED lights from the incandescent ones. The city says the LED lights are energy efficient.

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