Some people in Bellevue concerned about possible storage facility expansion


BELLEVUE, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - A storage facility in Bellevue might be getting bigger, but some people who live nearby say that's a problem for them.

"I don't really want it," said Linda Sorensen, who lives in a home near Milt's Mini Storage.

Sorensen showed off deer tracks to FOX 42 News Wednesday afternoon in the backyard of her home, which is beside a wooded area. She says wildlife like to roam around there.

"Last night, we had eight deer here."

She wonders what the future might hold though. In a request submitted to the City of Bellevue, Milt's Mini Storage would take up a much larger section next to Cedar Island Road and the surrounding neighborhoods if given the green light. Sorensen says that would impact her home.

A filing explains the expansion would include six additional storage buildings, parking for recreational vehicles and covered parking.

"I think it would ruin the surroundings, the quietness and the country-like setting that we have here," said Sorensen.

It's not just wildlife some people are worried about. They're also worried about traffic and a much higher noise level.

"That would bring a lot of elements into our neighborhood we don't really need."

Sorensen told FOX 42 News Wednesday she doesn't like the idea of the expansion encroaching on her neighbor's property lines either.

"It just really concerns me."

This is not a done deal yet. A hearing is scheduled for this upcoming Monday at 6:00 P.M. at Bellevue City Hall.

FOX 42 News reached out to Milt's Mini Storage for comment about the proposed expansion Wednesday. Our calls were not returned.

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