Speeding concerns near Platteview High School


    SARPY COUNTY, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - There are concerns about speeding on a gravel road near Platteview High School. After a multi-car crash near 114th and Fairview Road sent three students to the hospital, people who live close by are urging drivers to slow down.

    "There are a lot of kids that play around here. There are also a lot of animals and a lot of dogs around here," said Madisen Fulfs.

    The crash happened on Wednesday and the following day car parts were still scattered on the gravel. According to the Sarpy County Sheriff's Office, two separate wrecks occurred as a school bus driver was dropping off students. The sheriff's office told FOX 42 News two drivers were cited because they were going too fast.

    "It's a danger to us and families," said Fulfs.

    "There are a lot of ruts on the road," said Robert Leary.

    Leary is a regular traveler on the road. He says if you're not careful and paying close attention it can be dangerous.

    "If you need to stop suddenly, you're just going to skid. You're not going to be able to stop easily."

    Leary told FOX 42 News speeding is a big problem on the road and it can lead to big problems.

    "If you go more than 45 miles per hour, you can't control your vehicle."

    For Leary, another problem is the dust that gets kicked up. He says it doesn't take much to make something that looks like fog.

    "The visibility is almost zero."

    That's why he's calling on everybody to take it easy on rural roads.

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