Strange note leaves some Papillion neighbors looking for answers

Strange note leaves some Papillion neighbors looking for answers

Neighbors in Papillion are concerned about a mysterious note that's left on their cars. It reads "Sorry, I dinged your car, I'll make it right." It also reads the name "Roy" and it has a phone number to call.

People are wondering whether the note is real.

"Is there actually damage to my car and where is it exactly because there wasn't anything noticeable done to the car so I was really confused as to what was happening," Brandon Kurtz said. "There were other people on the street and around the neighborhood that got a note too."

One woman tried to call the number on the note.

"I've heard everything from they want you to leave a message and leave your name," Lisa Wilson said. "They say people are phishing for phone numbers and trying to get information."

Wilson also says this isn't the first time the note has popped up around town.

"They commented last night on Facebook, that they had gotten this same note over a year ago,"she said.

FOX 42's Winnie Dortch reached out to the Papillion Police Department.

It says it's doing a full investigation of this note and plans to have more information Wednesday.

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