Strange occurrences caught on camera inside Plattsmouth museum

Strange occurrences caught on camera inside Plattsmouth museum

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Museum of Shadows Live Feed

PLATTSMOUTH, Neb. - Strange occurrences are now the norm for the people who run the Museum of Shadows in Plattsmouth, but what happened on Friday even got them talking.

In security video, you can see a ball get thrown around, and roll on the floor!

It happened in the early morning hours.

"To be picked up and thrown especially like that, with the ball, that was really amazing," said Nate Raterman, the own of the museum.

He says the ball is what paranormal experts call a trigger object.

It's something left in the room that the super natural can play with.

"I believe it was a child that was just kind of interacting with the toy," said Raterman.

The building is old. He says it was built in 1881.

It used to be a saloon, and on the upper level, a brothel.

He says people were murdered here.

Inside, Raterman has a collection of over 2,000 artifacts that he says are haunted too.

"Everything does have a spiritual attachment," he said.

Just a day after the "ball incident," Raterman caught even more activity with the very same camera.

A doll stroller rolled away from the wall.

"It's been sitting up here since we opened the area and it hasn't moved until that night," said Raterman.

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