Strange stolen item causes family to wonder why


Marjorie Sturgeon was going about her day as usual when she noticed her license plate was missing on her car.

She thought it had maybe just fallen off so she retraced her steps, but no plate.

Sturgeon told her husband and he said he thought it was stolen.

The couple has a small camera set up in their window so they decided to see if it caught anything.

Sure enough it did.

Although it's dark and grainy the footage shows a man walking up their street and disappearing behind Sturgeon's car for a while then reappearing and leaving the area.

Unfortunately the footage wasn't clear enough to see the man but Sturgeon reported it to the police anyway.

Nothing else was taken besides the license plate.

Police gave Sturgeon the okay to drive the vehicle until she gets her replacement plates.

The Sturgeon's said while it is weird for someone to steal a license plate they aren't really too concerned because their neighborhood is very safe.

They also said they have started a dialogue with their neighbors and now will be watching out for each other.

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