Students compete in robotics championship at Mid-America Center

Students compete in robotics championship at Mid-America Center

Wilison Middle School student Kyler Myers and the rest of his team members showed of their robot Monday.

"This picks up the three starting posts," said Myers, who explained how it works. "The three starting posts are green, red and blue."

The Council Bluffs school joins other groups from around the country and the world for the week-long CREATE U.S. Open Robotics Championship at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs.

This is the tenth year of the championship, and organizers say more there are 600 teams of students competing in different divisions. This includes elementary through high school students.

"it's absolutely amazing when you see the number of clever designs that the students come up with," said CREATE president Jim Schulte. "It's why we do it."

He says it's a platform that allows students to be creative, and to find the world's next top scientists and engineers.

"We have seen kids be C and D students, and they got involved in robotics, and in one trimester, they ended up being A and B students," said Christy Arthur, who works with students at Wilson Middle School. "If they're smart enough to do robotics, they are smart enough to do anything."

Students at the championship built a robot and programmed it. They will drive the robot and compete with other students.

There's also a research topic the students study and present about.

This year it's "Ethics and Robotics."

"We talked about robots taking over jobs, and then how they don't, that they actually help" said Wilson Middle School student Hannah Kuehnhold, who worked on that part of her group's project.

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