Students head to Mt. Crescent on snow day

Students head to Mt. Crescent on snow day

HONEY CREEK, IA(FOX42KPTM)-Schools all across the metro were closed today because of the winter storm. Several people pulled out their skis and snowboards to have some fun. Many went to Mt. Crescent Ski Resort.

"Everyone piles in their vans and they will show up with 8-10 people," Christian Tracy said. He works at the resort.

People did everything from snowboarding, driving snowmobiles and special tricks down the mountain.

"It's awesome, you don't get it anywhere else."

For students who didn't have school today, they spent most of their time at the resort.

"Everyone was like let's hang out and I was like let's go snowboarding," Katelyn Henderson. She's a Millard South High student.

Henderson stopped by the resort with a couple of her friends.

"We don't get to come out much but when we do it's a lot of fun," Ashley Bidrowsky said.

However, the best part about all of this is whether it snows or not, workers can always make snow.

"We made a ton of snow as soon as it got really cold," Tracy said.

Tracy says they're expecting a bigger crowd tomorrow and all throughout the weekend.

The resort will be open for the holiday on Monday.

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