Survivors of the Parkland school shooting stop in Omaha to discuss gun control

Survivors of the Parkland school shooting stop in Omaha to discuss gun control

OMAHA,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-Students who survived the Parkland, Florida school shooting stopped in Omaha on Tuesday. They're in the middle of a tour across the country to talk about gun violence. They say they want lawmakers to make moves to save lives.

"This movement is about saving lives," Jacklyn Corin said. She was one of the students who survived the shooting in Parkland.

The panel of eight also includes students from Chicago, St. Louis and Omaha. They each shared their personal experiences with gun violence. The students said they don't want to take away peoples' gun rights. Instead, they want universal background checks.

"We just want to make sure these guns don't get in the hands of the wrong people."

"We're not trying to slow it down, we're trying to stop it," Matt Deitsch said. He's also from Florida.

One student in the crowd tells FOX 42 that recent school shootings have scared her.

"I have been worrying so much since Parkland and it's been terrifying for me to leave my house," Helana Moray said. "Just dealing with my fear, I feel like I had to come here today just to talk to them."

The panel also told younger people they need to vote.

"I know how important it is to be here, especially being young and in this community, I need to help change things," Moray said.

If you would like any updates about this national movement, you can text the word "CHANGE" to 97779.

Here's a link to the group's website.

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