Taking a deeper look behind the badge


Nebraska State Patrol Trooper Justin Raes has been with NSP for nearly two years.

Before he joined Troop A he was a Marine.

But when he changed his uniform he had to change how he thought.

Trooper Raes said being a State Trooper is like nothing else, not even the military.

Every night before he steps in hsi cruiser he said he kisses his wife and daughter goodbye and heads out to protect and serve.

Trooper Raes said he rarely thinks about the possible danger, he just stays focused on the task at hand.

But because he is human like the rest of us, he said he does think about what could happen with every traffic stop.

But he said the academy and all their training prepares them for truly anything.

Even though it's a dangerous job Trooper Raes said he wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

If you're interested in becoming a Nebraska State Patrol Trooper the next academy is set for January 2019.

NSP is accepting applications now.

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