Tax scam alert: Crooks pretending to be with federal government


OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - As you file your taxes this year, keep in mind that crooks are out there and the target is your money. That's the message from the Better Business Bureau. We're told the bad guys are getting better at making you believe they're for real.

"There's all kinds of people out there," said one woman who got a call from a scammer claiming she owed taxes.

She says it sounded serious and was told if she didn't pay up she would be thrown in jail.

"He said we sent out a letter and I said I never received a letter of any kind."

It's a scheme the Better Business Bureau deals with every year. In Nebraska and Iowa, it's a big problem. We checked and uncovered the Federal Trade Commission ranks it as the one scam it gets the most reports about.

"Don't fall for any of this stuff," the BBB's president advises.

Tips include never wiring any money to a government agency or making any kind of a payment over the phone. If you're asked to do that it's a scam every time.

"Also, the longer you stay on the line with them the more potential they're going to be able to draw you into their scheme."

This kind of scam isn't just happening around the Omaha metro. The FBI says it has gone beyond that. It's also warning people that thieves are getting bolder.

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