Two more arrested in connection with theft from Scott Frost's home

Scott Frost

UPDATE 8/13: Police have arrested two more people after items were stolen from Scott Frost's Lincoln home.

On Aug. 8th, police arrested a 16-year-old for burglary and took him to the Youth Attention Center.

Police say on Aug. 11th they arrested 20-year-old Andrew Williams for burglary.

Investigators say they have found several pairs of shoes but are still looking for other items stolen from the home.

Original Coverage:

Police have arrested a 17 year old accused of stealing from Scott Frost's soon-to-be Lincoln home.

On July 29, Frost reported a theft at the home near 27th and Pine Lake. He and his family have not moved into the home yet since it's still under renovation.

He reported thousands of dollars of things missing including championship rings and other memorabilia. Eventually, officials say Frost found most of that in a garage, but he was still missing five pairs of Air Jordan shoes, five other football helmets, and photographs.

Police say the teen had one pair of shoes that was stolen from the home.

They were booked on burglary charges at the Youth Attention Center.

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