The holiday shopping madness is underway


OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - The excitement is now building for Black Friday shopping deals, but there is some question about how much longer the traditional camping out at your favorite superstore will last. That's because online shopping continues to become more popular.

This year, however, there were still plenty of early holiday shoppers lined up at stores.

"It's definitely an experience just standing in these crazy long lines," said Mariah Davis, an early shopper.

At Best Buy Thursday, the line looked like something you would expect to see at a rock concert or sports event.

"That's kind of interesting," said Davis.

The people lined up were there in anticipation of Black Friday shopping deals. They were after the perfect gifts for their families and they wanted them as soon as possible.

"My sister wanted to get a new TV," said one shopper.

"We're looking for headphones and maybe a Nintendo Switch," said another shopper.

As much love as there is for Black Friday, it now has strong competition. That competition coming in the form of online shopping. A new survey by the National Retail Federation shows 59 percent of shoppers plan to buy stuff online this year. It's the first time online is the most popular choice for shoppers. In Nebraska, AAA estimates more than one in three people will use their smartphone to purchase gifts this year. Jacob Wolff is one shopper, however, determined to keep the Black Friday shopping tradition alive.

"If I can get everything in store, I don't see any reason to get it online."

Ask a few customers and you'll find there's also plenty of interest in Small Business Saturday. Shoppers FOX 42 News spoke to Thursday say they enjoy shopping local.

"I definitely love my small businesses," said Davis.

So, to this point, the world doesn't entirely revolve around the Internet even if sometimes it feels that way.

On a final note, shopping experts say people are expected to spend more than $6 billion online the Monday following Thanksgiving. That's compared to about $5 million on Black Friday.

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